Decorative epoxy floors are mostly intended for interior decoration and can be made at a lower cost. They are easy to make (the possibility of installation on existing floors), they are chemically and mechanically resistant and are quickly set up. Floor thickness is 3-4 mm. Floors are easy to maintain and clean, which reduces the possibility of dust buildup and achieving a healthier living space with less bacteria and alergens. They are available in various colors (RAL CART). There is also a possibility of decorating with chips.

HAUB DECORATIVE EPOXY FLOORS CHARACTERISTICS: anti-slip, impact resistance, good sound insulation, additional thermal insulation and moisture insulation, comfortable for walking

HAUB DECORATIVE EPOXY ARE FOR: apartments, houses, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, corridors, bathrooms, kindergartens, schools, museums, theaters, bakeries, cafes, restaurants, gymnasiums, malls, hairdressing salons, shops, pastry shops .



Epoxy floors for working area have the ability to be installed in indoor and outdoor spaces. This system provides great mechanical and chemical endurance properties. It has stronger wear resistance, greater flexibility and chemical resistance. It is also intended for working areas where food and drink are prepared (for easier cleaning and less bacteria and dust). The possibility of building a holker for workspaces made of quartz sand and primers. In this way space gets more functionality.

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF EPOXY FOR WORKING AREA: anti-slip, without fugue and dust, thermal insulation, insulation of moisture, easy to clean, sound insulation

EPOXY FOR WORKING AREAS ARE FOR: garages, garage entrance halls, sanitary ware, kitchens (restaurants, bakeries, confectionery), damp industries, warehouses, fish farms, technical facilities, pharmaceutical industries, food industries, hospitals, dental clinics




Floor system that is used for industrial and decorative purposes for residential and commercial buildings. Provides minimalist industrial design for modern design. It is placed on existing substrates such as tiles, concrete, knauf, screed, wood and glass. Provides additional heat insulation and moisture insulation. Floors are easy to maintain and clean, which reduces dust buildup to provide a healthier living space with less bacteria and allergens. It can be exported in standard gray color, but there are options for other variants (white, brown, red, yellow, blue). It has great compressive strength and elasticity. They are comfortable for walking and are warm looking.

Installation of the microcement does not require removal of the old substrate but is installed on them (no breakage and dust during the works). The thickness of the microcement on the existing substrate is only 3mm. The substrate before the microcement installation must be dry, free of dust and no dust to achieve quality and longevity. If disadvantages such as holes, cracks and the like are required on the surface itself to be repaired for better bonding of the coating.



Self-leveling cement floors are used for decorative and industrial spaces. They have a high press resistance, abrasion resistance, resistance on friction and impact that provides long floor durability. For quick drying, the material can be installed in a very short time. The great advantage of the product is that it is without joining and the pores providing easier cleaning and maintenance of the substrate. This allows you to save time and money while maintaining space. The material is resistant to the action of salt and the product is with a very low EC 1R emission.
The thickness of the layers depends on the function of the substrate (decorative or working). Sandard thickness for decorative floors is 4-5mm, for working area of 5mm possible and larger.


Self-leveling cement for decorative spaces is set in 4-5mm. Can be install in living rooms, kitchens, terraces, bathrooms, corridors. It is possible to install in apartments, restaurants and cafes, hairdressers, kindergartens, schools, museums, theaters, exhibitions, shops, offices, gym area.
*** Possibility of installing material if underfloor heating is in the substrate.


The self-leveling cement for working spaces is set to 5mm and further depending on the function of the substrate and the space. Can be install in warehouses (small and large), food industry, garages, corridors, workshops, hospitals, fish farms, shopping malls, pharmaceutical companies.
*** If self-smoothing cement is used for working purposes, the products we use possess a certificate for use in the food industry.

Products are not harmful to the health of living organisms during and after application.

Self-smoothing cement mixtures are applied in three layers:
  1. Application primer on substrate for fixing and substrate insulation (grinding of substrate if necessary)
  2. Application of the supporting (base) layer (millimeters depend on purpose and function)
  3. Apply liquid, chemical and anti-slip spray varnish
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